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Viccel High Quality Dress & Casual Cotton Merino Wool Luxury Socks

“Our” means not only people working inside the building below but also our customers who may live thousands of kilometres away from this building.

Our company name is Savana Textile Inc. established in 2003 by Sahin Onyurt(Our father, wish to work for many years with him) who has 40 years in textile business. Savana’s vision is serve people high quality, healthy goods for people at reasonable prices.

I don’t produce and sell anything that I would not buy

Sahin Onyurt

Synthetic Free Viccel Socks was born in 2009 with this idea. In the beginning, we received lots of critics from our customers but we did not give and tried to improve Viccel Socks. As an example, Viccel used to produce single type 100% Cotton Lisle socks which were shorter than actual Mid-calf socks some customers used to call Viccel Short Socks 🙂  and we made them little longer that some customers asked heavier socks then add thicker socks to catalogue followed Over the calf socks, merino, merino-silk blends.

Happy feet, happy people

What they say about Viccel


Modest Man Viccel Socks

Luckily, the socks are a different story. I’ve searched high and low for socks, and I’ve tried out many different brands, and Viccel takes the cake.


Permanent Style Viccel Socks

The Viccel styles also tend to have a large section of ribbing – a good three or four inches – at the top of the sock. This keeps them tight and stops any chance of slipping, again, but I found some too tight in that area.



Style Forum Viccel Socks

I’ve purchased their entire range (1 of each color) of their over the calf socks. Their socks have stayed up on the initial wear. I have not yet had the chance to launder them in order to determine if their ability to stay up remains post wash. The construction appears to be solid.


De pied en cap Viccel Socks

Bon fournisseur de mi-bas, excellent rapport qualitĂ©-prix ! J’ai dĂ©jĂ  commandĂ© chez lui.

Les dĂ©lais sont “un peu longs”, les mi-bas sont relativement fins, mais il y a une nouvelle collection plus Ă©paisse (Ă  essayer). Grand choix de couleurs, Archiduchesse est battu Ă  plat de couture.


Ask Andy About Clothes AAAC Viccel Socks

Made from 100% mercerized cotton, which has a stronger fabric structure and will not shrink or lose its shape in a very thin sock, with reinforced heels, and toes.​



Off The Cuff OTC Viccel Socks

While there are a number of brands that have earned the OTC seal of endorsement, far more than you will ever know never made it past my desk. When Kemal from Viccel Socks first contacted me I was not sure what to expect. And when a short while later and red celphane wrapped brick of socks arrived at my door, I was ready for anything. As it turns out their focus is not on packaging, it’s on making socks, and they make some damn good ones at that. (That being said, it wouldn’t hurt to spruce up your product presentation a bit.)


Badger&Blade Viccel Socks

There always seems to be a thread or two pop-up once in a while about socks. Most recommend Gold Toe or some British brand that costs an arm and a leg. I have worn Gold Toe for a long time, but the quality is not what it used to be. I also cannot justify paying $30+ for a pair of socks. I purchased some Viccel socks about four months ago after reading several positive reviews on here, Style Forum, and Ask Andy About Clothes.


Bespoke man Viccel High Quality socksThe last time I bought new pairs of dress socks was back in April. It’s been almost a year now so it was about time to restock. My choice this time around was Viccel. They’re based in Turkey and are very reasonably priced for what they offer. I bought two pairs of grey and two pairs of navy for a total of four socks. Each pair is priced at USD 8.81. I ordered them mid-calf in the summer weight variety.